Impact & Outcomes

Prevention work that occurs in Novato is a combined effort with NBRC4Y and other organizations.

Recent Accomplishments to Reduce Bullying:

  • Community-Wide PR Campaign to bring attention to bullying-Second Year during October National Bully Prevention Month.
  • Novato City Council has adopted October as Bullying Prevention Month for the past four years, issuing a proclamation recognizing the work of the Coalition in this area.
  • Marin County Board of Supervisors has passed a Resolution adopting October as Bullying Prevention & Intervention Committee for the past three years.
  • Bullying survey administered in November 2014; results will be compared with the previous survey and used to inform action planning for the Bullying Prevention & Intervention Committee
  • NUSD has passed a Resolution supporting October as National Bully Prevention Month in partnership with NBR BPC last 2 years.

Recent Accomplishments to Reduce Marijuana Use:

  • The Coalition recognized that an area around the library, park, and Downtown Shopping Center was known for youth drug and alcohol use. NBRC4Y implemented a survey of neighboring businesses impacted, raising awareness of the problem. Coalition members, including the City of Novato, the County of Marin, and the Novato Wellness Center, integrated efforts and demolished an area known as “the pit.” A follow-up survey a year later found the problem was significantly reduced.
  • Worked with NUSD to increase substance use treatment and intervention services on campus, as well as modify district policies to create alternatives to suspension with restorative practice and multisystemic responses.

Recent Accomplishments to Reduce Alcohol Use:

  • The Novato Police Department has issued three Social Host Citations in the last two months
  • Mobilized residents and worked with local officials to blocked issuance of off-site alcohol license (Shell Station) in an already saturated market
  • Stopped alcohol-laced ad campaign “Get Tanked” (Tilly’s) that was aimed directly at youth
  • Novato City Council adopted April as Alcohol Awareness Month
  • Novato Town Hall on Underage Drinking
  • Novato police department conducted Decoy Shoulder Tapping Program and issued citations to adults that agreed to buy alcohol for youth
  • Count Me In Campaign launched by Healthy Novato Project to promote parental efforts to reduce underage drinking
  • Novato City Council passed a resolution for a voluntary “Alcopop Free Zone”
  • Photo-Voice project with youth recommendations to reduce drinkingUpdated California Health Kids Survey results for Novato have been published.

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