Novato Community Pledge

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I’ll do my part to create a safe environment for our young people.

The Novato Blue Ribbon Coalition for Youth and the Novato Unified School District believe:

  • Teen use of alcohol, marijuana and other drugs should not be accepted as a normal part of growing up.
  • We must respect age restrictions, because they are important for the healthy development of our children and young people.
  • Our children and young people need a unified statement of positive standards and values from parents, guardians and the local community.

I pledge:

  1. To encourage healthy, adult-chaperoned activities for our children and young people;
  2. To prohibit use of, and not provide, alcohol, marijuana or other drugs to youth in our homes;
  3. To encourage events that our youth attend will be chaperoned by adults who prohibit the use of alcohol and drugs by youth;
  4. To secure and/or lock up alcohol, prescription drugs, and other substances in our homes;
  5. To communicate with other parents/guardians when we suspect a youth is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and to ensure that youth arrives home safely.
  6. To oppose the use of alcohol, marijuana and other drugs by Novato youth.
  7. I will discuss this pledge with my family.

Community Pledge

  • When you sign the pledge, your name will be included in a list of parents who have signed. This list will only be accessible to other parents/adults who have signed the pledge and received a secure password.

  • We are committed to keeping your e-mail address confidential. We do not sell, rent, or lease our subscription lists to third parties. We will use your e-mail address solely to provide you with quarterly updates and tips about keeping youth safe. You can unsubscribe from our list anytime.