Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

Are prescription drugs a problem for teens?

One in five 11th graders in Novato admitted to abusing prescription drugs in the 2013 California Healthy Kids Survey. These types of drugs are often easily obtained and can be life-threatening.

Prescription drugs are more frequently being seen as a “gateway drug” to addiction, since young people have easy access from medicine cabinets at home, or at a relative or friend’s house. Parents often have a hard time detecting this type of drug abuse, and don’t realize it is a problem until their child is in serious trouble.

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs (OTC) are especially dangerous when taken with alcohol or mixed with other drugs. Mixing certain drugs with alcohol, for example, can cause a person’s heart and breathing to slow down or even stop.

Make sure to include these types of substances in drug awareness education for young people. You can also safeguard your home by disposing of unused prescription drugs and OTC medicines safely.

The Novato Police Department also has a container to collect unused medicines in their lobby year-round. You can find a list of other official disposal sites here:

Rx Safe Marin is a community-based group working throughout Marin County on this important topic.

Here are some additional online resources that may be useful in relation to this topic: