Alcohol & Marijuana Action Team

The Alcohol & Marijuana Action Team (AMAT) works to reduce access to alcohol and marijuana in both social and retail settings.

We explore opportunities for policy development, implementation and enforcement to address the following three focus areas:

House Parties: the majority of youth in Novato report that they access alcohol either at their own home or in the home of a friend. One strategy for addressing this issue is the increased visibility of enforcement of Novato’s Social Host Ordinance.

Alcohol Outlet Density: Novato has an over-saturation of alcohol outlets in the downtown census tract, which can lead to adverse health outcomes

Marijuana: the team is currently researching community-based marijuana prevention strategies, and aims to focus on the notable difference in perception of harm between alcohol and marijuana.

Past Activities & Accomplishments:

  • “Sticker Shock” campaign engaged 11 local alcohol retailers in helping to prevent young people from accessing alcohol through “shoulder tapping”. By providing stickers and other promotional materials to vendors, we were able to spread the word in Novato that it is illegal to provide alcohol to people under the age of 21.
  • Novato City Council passed a resolution for the city to be an “Alcopop Free Zone”
  • Created a best practice outline & tip-sheet for rental facilities and other event planners
  • Worked with the City Planning Department on alcohol outlet density and developed criteria for findings of Public Convenience or Necessity in an over-saturated market, as well as informing the General Plan Update.

Join Us!

AMAT usually meets once a month on the 3rd Thursday from 3:30-5:30pm. See our Google Calendar for up-to-date meeting times and information.To find out more, contact the AMAT Chair: Berta Campos-Anicetti.