Become an Upstander

An upstander is someone who stands up to all forms of bullying.

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I pledge:

  • To become an upstander by standing up to bullying whether I am at school, at home, at work, in my house of worship, or out with friends, family, colleagues or teammates.
  • I will work to make others feel safe and included by treating them with respect, kindness, and compassion.
  • I will not use offensive language or slurs, whether homophobic, racist, sexist, transphobic, or other derogatory terms in person or while using technology.
  • I will encourage my peers, family members, and colleagues to do the same and will speak up when they use offensive language.

If I see or hear such offenses occurring I will do the following if safe to act: 

  • I will speak up! I will let others know that bullying is abusive and not acceptable.
  • I will reach out to someone I know who has been bullied and offer my support to that person.
  • I will remain vigilant and will not be a passive audience or “bystander” to abusive actions or words, and will report incidents to an adult.
  • I will reach out to the targeted victim to offer my support and make it a point to assist him or her as best I can.

I believe that we can all make a difference and I will not be silent. I am an Upstander!


Upstander Pledge

Please be a superhero by signing your name to the pledge as an upstander.