Our members include dedicated individuals and agencies from Novato and across Marin. Membership in the Novato Blue Ribbon Coalition for Youth is open to any individual (youth or adult) who is a resident of Novato, or any organization, business or agency that supports the Coalition’s mission.

By bringing together different sectors of our community, we can work effectively to develop solutions to the unique challenges and issues facing Novato. Coalition membership is volunteer and is intended to be broad and reflective of all segments of Novato, including:

  • Youth
  • Parents & Guardians
  • Business Community
  • Media
  • Schools
  • Youth Serving Organizations
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Senior Adults
  • Religious & Fraternal Organizations
  • Civic & Volunteer Groups
  • Healthcare
  • Local Governmental Agencies
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Any other organizations involved with improving the health and well-being of youth in Novato